Open Source

Open Source Software is the backbone of my professional life. I learned a lot from others, I meet many great people, and I massively reused other people’s works. So I am doing my best to contribute back. Here are some of my contributions.



I led the infrastructure initiatives that provide services to the Jenkins community. I was also involve in other areas like project governance or outreach initiatives.


Updatecli is a tool that I created to continuously update everything. It’s used to automatically update infrastructure by opening pull request when a third application release a new version.


Technical conferences are one of the best ways to meet new people, so if you spot me in one of those, feel free to say "Hi", I am also there for that.


My area of interest is everything related to open source and infrastructure. In the past, I attended events like Fosdem, Kubecon, Devoxxx, Jenkins/Devops World, CDcon, cfgmgmnt camp, DevOps Days, etc.


When you can’t reach a community that shares your interest, sometimes the best way is to make that community come to you by organizing something that will gather them. In the past, I helped to organize "Jenkins area meetups" and the FOSDEM CI/CD Devroom.


Without considering myself an "experienced" speaker, I like to take any opportunities that I have to share what I learned.

Here are some of the talks that I gave:

  • 2018

    • Jenkins World (US, San Francisco) - Want To Know How Jenkins Build Jenkins? With Brian Benz link slides

    • Jenkins Contributor Summit (US, San Francisco) - Jenkins Infrastructure Project Update

  • 2019

    • DevOps World (PT, Lisbon) - How Jenkins Builds and Delivers Jenkins in the Cloud - Link slides

    • Jenkins Contributor Summit (PT- Lisbon) - Jenkins Infrastructure Project Update

  • 2020

    • Paris Jug (FR, Paris) - Release Jenkins, 15 ans plus tard - Description, Video

    • Jenkins Online Meetup (Online) - How Jenkins Build and Deliver Jenkins in the Cloud - Video

    • Jenkins Contributor Summit (BE - Brussels) - Jenkins Infrastructure Project Update

  • 2021

  • 2022

    • Cdcon (US - Austin), Trust but Verify - Video

    • Cdcon (US - Austin), Dependency Manager, Where the Fork are we? Video

    • Hack In The Wood (BE - Mons)

    • Belgium Kubernetes Meetup (BE - Brussels)

  • 2023

    • FOSDEM(BE - Brussels), Continuous Update Everything - Video

    • Cfgmgmnt Camp(BE - Ghent), Cloud Native Dependencies - Video

    • SUSECON (Online), A prescriptive approach to application development with Epinio

    • Civo Navigate (London), Onward a continuously updated kubernetes marketplace - Video