Until the next time, Bees

Time flies and this week is my last one with CloudBees. It’s now time for me to close one of the best chapters of my professional life.

Open source has special meaning to me. It shaped me, way before my professional career started. Back then I would never have imagined having my soon past experience.

For the past 5 years, I had the chance to be paid to work full time on a major and successful Open Source project, Jenkins. I met some of the best engineers across the world and I had many opportunities to travel to meet them. I grew a lot as I endorsed different roles wherever my help was the most needed. My biggest role was to be the Jenkins Infrastructure officer. Leading an open infrastructure project of that size was a great opportunity and I am proud of what we achieved. Despite all the challenges that I faced, and the mistakes I did, the Jenkins community has always been a respectful environment that encouraged collaboration, like its founder mirror.

I’ll always remember a discussion I had very early with one contributor during Jenkins World 2017. I shared with him that I was stressed about not being able to answer every question that booth visitors would ask me. He told me "Don’t worry, nobody knows everything, nor I do but If I can help to find the right person who knows the answer, then it would already be a huge step forward".

On many more occasions, I could rely on the community to cool down my stress-o-meter.

Thank you to all Jenkins contributors, despite my huge imposter syndrome, you made this journey memorable to me.

During almost 5 years working for CloudBees, I had the chance to experience what a diverse environment truly means and how it would become important to me. Whatever the age, sex, religion, I evolved into a safe, funny, and wonderful team. We came from different countries, we had different backgrounds, different points of view but we nurtured our differences to contribute to both Jenkins and CloudBees success. That was not always easy to navigate between CloudBees and Jenkins project interests but that was full of learning. At CloudBees, I had the chance to work with many people who deeply inspired me, with true open-source DNA but more importantly a lot of integrity.

Despite all the joy I had working in the Community Team at CloudBees for so long, I realized that I stopped growing as I used to be. I needed to find something that would kick me out of my comfort zone. I know that I am leaving a great team, with many friends but I also know that I found that next thing that I am super excited about.

People around me know that I am a big fan of Linux, Golang, Kubernetes, and its whole ecosystem. I have an opportunity to work in that ecosystem. Very soon, I’ll join a major open-source company as an engineering manager. I can’t wait to start this new chapter and to meet my new colleagues.

So do I change everything? No

I’ll still be seated on the same chair, just a new desk.
I’ll still be involved in Open source, just another area.
I’ll still be involved in conferences, just because I love it.
I’ll still be involved in Jenkins, just a different scale.
I’ll still be open to direct messages, just because open source is also about people.

Until the next time, Bees